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1. How long has Disciple's Cross™ been in business? 

I began making these cross necklaces in the early 90's and it has steadily grown from then.

2. How big is a Disciple's Cross™?

The Disciple's Crosses you will be making are about an inch and a half tall and an inch wide. Click here to see a close up picture of me wearing one, and you'll get an idea of their size.

3. Can I order with a Check or Money Order through the mail? 

Yes! Just click on the order link and fill out the order form. Once you've completed the ordering process you will need to mail your check or money order to Disciple' Cross™ at 3401 Pontchartrain Dr, Ste. 6, Slidell, LA., 70458.  Please allow additional time for your funds to reach us.  In addition, if paying by check, please allow an additional 10 business days for your check to clear.  If you decide to pay by money order, your order will be put into production upon receipt.  

4. Is the jewelry design exclusive to Disciple's Cross™?

Yes!  Our design, item tag and name are all legally protected by the United States Patent, Trademark and Copyright Offices. The instructional DVD and video are also included under this patent, trademark and copyright and therefore cannot be passed on or distributed whether or not it is for profit.

5. I have an instructional video or DVD from a friend. Can I make the Disciple's Cross™ without purchasing a Starter Kit and becoming a Certified Disciple's Cross™Producer?

No!  You must purchase a Starter Kit and become a Certified Disciple's Cross™ Producer and be input into our system BEFORE you are allowed to begin making our patented and copyrighted jewelry design or any variation thereof. Instructional DVD's and Videotapes are not allowed to be passed on to non-certified producers.

6. How soon are supplies shipped out?

Our office staff maintains a maximum of 3-5 business day turnaround for all supply orders.  

 7. Where do I purchase the materials to make the Disciple's Cross™ necklaces?

In order to protect the standards of our product you must purchase your supplies directly from Disciple's Cross™.  Due to volume discounts from manufacturers we are able to get the materials for well below the normal retail prices that you would have to pay elsewhere and we can pass that savings on to you.

8. Where do I purchase the Clear Coat Acrylic? 

In order to make your Disciple's Cross™ rust and tarnish resistant you must coat them with a clear coat acrylic finish.  In the past we have offered clear coat acrylic on our website. However, due to increased shipping regulations and safety precautions the clear coat acrylic must now be purchased locally. The approved product can be found at craft or fabric stores, some local department stores and on line.  It is called "Delta Ceramcoat Gloss Exterior/Interior Varnish".  This is a dip as opposed to a spray and is very easy to work with. Mix Equal parts of varnish and water: stir, Do Not shake. When using this product the crosses will need to be dipped twice, allowing time to dry in between dips. 


9. How difficult are these to make? 

Not difficult at all once you get the hang of it. The DVD in your starter kit will show you each simple step. I can make them in under five minutes each.  

 10. How strong do I have to be to make these? 

Well, I can tell you that I have taught many high school students to make them. You will need a reasonable amount of hand and finger strength but you certainly don't have to be excessively "strong."

11. How can I maximize my profits?

For those of you who want to maximize your profits, you can keep your crosses and sell them at flea markets, craft shows, church fundraisers, or even directly to Christian bookstores.  You set the price you want to sell them for, and you keep 100% of the profits. Disciple’s Cross™ does not require a royalty from your outside sales.


12. Is there still a big enough market for these crosses?

The market is HUGE! There are six billion people in the world and I'd like to see them all wearing a Disciple's Cross™. Believe me, even your town is bigger than you think it is.

13. How do I contact you with questions or concerns?

Because of the high volume of inquiries about this terrific program we try to answer all of your questions on this website. However, if you have a question that isn't addressed here then please email us at the appropriate address on the website.  If you have a question that needs more immediate assistance you can call us at 985-661-1896 Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. CST.

14. Are you a full-time Pastor?

Yes. I am the Senior Pastor of New Horizon Calvary Chapel in Slidell, Louisiana.  We also run a full-power Christian radio station out of the church office that just launched this year! We are very excited about the NEW Bridge Radio 88.7 FM I try to be an example to my family of what it means to be a hard worker and heavenly minded. I strive to continually use my life as a tool for ministry. 





Do you have still questions that need to be answered?  Please give us a call!
Our number is (985) 661-1896.  Please call between
 9am and 3pm Central Time, Monday-Friday