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Inventory Fulfillment Team

If you wish to sell your crosses back to us, you may apply for our “Inventory Fulfillment Team”.  This is a small team of Producers that after going through a cross building/screening process, we will send supplies at no charge to them to make our crosses.  They return the crosses 100% complete and correct, and then we pay $1.25 each cross plus reimbursement of shipping.    We encourage you to consider this team only if you are looking for a part-time, supplemental income.  

In order to begin this process, you must first purchase the Starter Kit.  The Starter Kit is the gateway, the very first step to take to learn how to build Disciple’s Crosses.   Upon completing your first set of 25 necklaces, you will know if this is something you have the ability and desire to do.  If you decide it is, and are interested in the Inventory Fulfillment Team, then contact us by phone or email and we will direct you in the next steps of the process assuming availability on the team.   This team goes through seasons of being full and sometimes has a wait-list.  Disciple's Cross will not purchase crosses from Producer’s that are not on the Inventory Fulfillment Team.  Producer’s must sell or give away their crosses on their own.

If you are interested in applying for the Inventory Fulfillment Team, please email us at