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Home assembly info


Home Assembly

If you have been considering a work from home job, we have some info on home assembly you don't want to miss. Assembling the products you create from the materials we sell at our site is not hard. In fact, it can take an experienced assembler approximately five minutes per necklace. After your necklaces have been created, you can choose to sell them back to us or to sell them on your own. It really is that easy!

Assembling tips

If you are considering home assembly, make sure you are capable of assembling the products quickly and easily. You should also check the buy-back policy of the company you are considering. At Disciple's Cross we believe we have a fairly liberal policy regarding buy-back. You can read more about it on our FAQ page, where you can also learn the ins and outs of this business endeavor. We offer truthful, upfront information about our policies so you can feel comfortable in making the decision to take this opportunity. What are you waiting for? Get started on your road to make easy money!