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Assembly work at home for Mothers

Work at HomeIf you are a mother looking for work at home assembly, come to Disciple's Cross. We have a product that is relatively easy to assemble, and assembling it can be done on your own time. Mothers who are looking to work from their home so they can have flexibility in their job and spend more time with their loved ones will really appreciate this opportunity. After the work and scheduling is done, work from home Moms can sit down and perform their assembly work at home. Even God himself acknowledged how important parents are in the fifth commandment: "Honor your father and your mother." You are very important in the lives of your children. Making these crosses can increase your sphere of influence - we feel that you can touch others through making crosses. In fact, many people even see this as a service to the Lord.

Work from home Moms assemble crafts

Assemble CraftsAt Disciple's Cross, we have a job that allows you to perform work at home assembly on your own schedule. As a Mom, you have a busy schedule that follows the busy schedule of your family. You make them your number one priority, and you can only perform assembly work at home during down-time. At Disciple's Cross, we give you this ability. You get to assemble crafts on your own time and can sell them on your own or sell them back to us. View all the information on our site to find out more about this exceptional work at home assembly opportunity.